Frequently asked questions

Why Polystyrene?

Polystyrene is lightweight but durable, provides protection for fragile goods and insulation for chilled foodstuff.

Which size of box should I use?

Our polystyrene box page details our standard box range. The Poly boxes are described as “5kg” “16kg” etc as these are the traditional terms in the fishing industry, where many of our boxes are used.

 How many ice packs will I need?

The amount of ice required varies according to several factors, such as outside temperature, time in transit, weight and type of product, packing temperature etc.

Where Do You Deliver?

Goods can be delivered anywhere in the UK – haulage charge will be applicable on half and full pallets please ask for a quote.

Can We Buy & Collect Ourselves?

Yes – we are open for business Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm.

Have You A Minimum Order?

No minimum order – but some items ie – Live prawn Boxes are sold in packs of 8 and mug packs & bottle packs are sold in packs of 100 or 75.

Can Boxes Be Labelled?

Yes – but only cost effective for large orders. We have to place bulk orders with our suppliers in order to obtain competitive prices.

Can You Design Moulds?

Yes – we can offer that service.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Our Poly boxes are made from expanded polystyrene which is fully recyclable. In its moulded form it is 98% air and 2% styrene. Poly boxes can be used with or without a carton, are very light and offer unbeatable insulation qualities at their price level. They are non-toxic and all are made in the UK.